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Old 13-04-2009, 02:14 PM
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Hi Diana,

That tsunami warning news in July 22nd have been around for sometime and I do take notice of it. Co-incidently, that is a day after my birthday.

For me, it is so far so good, no disaster would happen near/around us in Malaysia, at least it is not affecting us here. Don't worry, as I have mentioned before, has there been any slightest signs or visions, I would share it out with you guys almost immediately.

Perhaps, now, I would tell how I could see the futures. It could derive either from my visions, i.e. while I am awake and conscious or through my zzzzz.....dreams.

In dreams, as always, there would only be signs or hints and I need to scratch my head to figure out what really would happen in actual event. So perhaps now, I have you guys to assist me in hinting out those signs..something like Treasure Hunt adventure, I supposed.

Let me give you an example. In the case of Bombay terrorist attack and Thailand airport incidence, how I derived it?

CASE 1 : In one fine day, I had a scary dream. I knew it was not a normal fantasy dream but a tale telling sign. In that dream, I appeared as photographer for the Japanese troops in the occupation time during World War II. I saw Japanese army troops shooting and slaughtering the hiding Chinese one by one and I am too scared because I too am Chinese and together with these army in action. Then I woke up in amazed and still not knowing why I had such strange dream when I am already living in the 21st century.

CASE 2 : In few weeks after Case 1 dream, I had another scary but funny dream. I saw many people, mixture of adults and children, one by one happily gone through hanging sentences. They willingly put the rope on their neck and hang themselves one by one and I saw one of them hanging half way struggling not dying instantly. It was a bit scary and I wondered why these people happily dying in such manner.

So, now I tell you the matching of these two tales. In actual event, Case 2 would happen first and Case 1 later, as most people presume in dreams the opposite would happen.

If you check through the news again, the Thailand airport incidence happened first and a week or two later the Bombay incidence happened. So, Case 2 would refer to the Thai airport incidence and Case 1 would refer to Bombay incidence.

How to match it? Case 1: In dreams, you got hints like Japanese, Chinese, shooting, killing, war zone like, capturing photos, etc. In reality, the Chinese and Japanese surely would not be involved, who then? It would be the one next to it i.e. the Indian and Pakistani neighbours. Aren't the Japanese and Chinese linking with each other in lineage like brothers? Wouldn't it be the same for the Indians and Pakistanis? And the war zone like was the scenario all can witnessed in the CNN news. In dreams, the smaller nation kills the larger nation i.e. Japanese attacked Chinese; in reality, Pakistan nation attacked Indian nation. Isn't it the entire scenario seem very matching with my dream?

Case 2 : In dreams, people - adults and children hanging happily. In reality, the protesters so many all went and block the international airport which is the main airflow for Thailand. So when you hang you block the main airflow in your body, so it is the same when these protesters jamming the airport, you can't move in or out just like hanging la.

I give another case - Tsunami Asia. In dream, I went for fishing with friends in a big lake. Suddenly, we managed to catch a very huge fish and immediately we went on slaughering it. I felt very pity for that fish and sad sorrow. I went on to tell my friend on this dream and mentioned that this was a warning sign of big danger coming very soon and pop!...in less than 2 weeks tsunami came to us. A few weeks earlier, while I went to Pangkor beach, I did have visions on the danger of waves i.e. do not underestimate calm sea and small waves.

One more example, it is about the PR government collapsed in Perak. In my dream, I saw houses on top a rocky mountain all collapsed downunder together with it but nobody died. In my dream, the hints were houses, rock mountain, collapsed, no injuries. In reality, where in Malaysia has the most rock mountains? It is in Ipoh and the houses would represent the government of the day.

As again, I need to advise you guys that don't get too ga ga over estimating future happenings. It would not be fair to your present self at least to say. Give yourself a chance to live well today and a better tomorrow would surely come soon or later.

Have a happy day, every day, all days.

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