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Health Talk Please feel free to post any health related issues here.

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Old 16-07-2011, 10:45 PM
ipohan ipohan is offline
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Lightbulb An Alternative Cancer Treatment All Terminal Patients Must Know!

pH Therapy (a.k.a. Cesium Chloride Protocol)

Stage IV Protocol

Introduction to pH Therapy (a.k.a. Cesium Chloride Protocol)

When it comes to treating advanced cancers, such as Stage IV cancers, fast growing cancers, cancers that have spread significantly, high fatality cancers, etc., the cesium chloride protocol is one of the most proven cancer treatments in existence. This treatment can be used on newly diagnosed cancer patients or cancer patients being fed by feeding tubes or cancer patients being fed by I.V.

The only downside to this treatment is the potential for swelling and inflammation caused by the immune system attacking cancer cells which are in the process of dying.

The good news is that experts in this protocol know how to adjust doses and add other products to keep the swelling and inflammation at safe levels.

While this article will go into depth on the use of cesium chloride in the treatment of cancer, this article is not designed to teach a person how to treat themselves at home. It literally would take a large book to deal with every situation cancer patients face. This article will give a good "big picture" overview of this treatment, but it is not a treatment manual.
Because of the many situations cancer patients find themselves in, this is one alternative cancer treatment in which the vendor (who is usually the person teaching the cancer patient how to safely and effectively use this protocol for their situation) is very important. In fact, the vendor has a moral obligation to the patient to teach them how to use this product for their situation.

Anyone can sell cesium chloride, and anyone can read this article and a few other articles like it. However, the key to a successful cancer treatment using cesium chloride is two things:

1) Using the best brand of cesium chloride,
2) Working with the best of the experts, usually by telephone

Actually, if you find the best expert he or she will know the best product, so really the key issue is the second issue.

The cesium chloride expert this website endorses, by a wide margin, is Larry of Essense of Life (the spelling is correct). He has been working with cancer patients, via telephone support, for several years and has worked with several thousand cancer patients.

Larry's telephone support is free, but for legal reasons he can only provide support for those he sells products to.

My point to mentioning Larry's experience is very clear: When there is a conflict between what this article says, and what the vendor tells you, always go with what the vendor tells you. The Cancer Tutor website is a research oriented website, and should NOT overrule what those with treatment experience will tell you! I have to be familiar with many different cancer treatments, but Larry is the expert in cesium chloride.
Contact information for Larry will be given below.

While the safety warnings in this article are probably stronger than they need to be, they will give you an idea of what to watch out for. The vendor will be more realistic as to the warnings. It is actually a very safe and easy to use treatment.

Some people are reluctant to go on cesium chloride because of the safety warnings. Look at it this way: if you have advanced cancer your chance of survival with orthodox medicine is virtually ZERO percent. Yes, ZERO. Also, with advanced cancer there are very few alternative cancer treatments that will give you a fighting chance. This is one of those rare treatments that will give very advanced cancer patients a chance of survival!!

Understanding Cancer


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Old 16-07-2011, 10:50 PM
ipohan ipohan is offline
Senior Member
Durian - The King
Join Date: Sep 2002
Location: ipoh
Posts: 11,107
ipohan is an unknown quantity at this point
Lightbulb What Causes Cancer? - Part 3

Why is it important to know what causes cancer and what causes a cancer cell to remain cancerous? Because by knowing what causes cancer we can better understand why some treatments work and others do not.

In this part, I will share about an alternative treatment which is in existence for more than three decades. It is both strong and fast-acting.

Understanding Cancer

Cancer cells are known to be anaerobic, meaning they ferment oxygen rather than burn oxygen. When the level of oxygen that gets into a normal cell becomes too low, or the ATP molecule count gets too low, a normal cell will convert into becoming anaerobic.

A Nobel Prize was awarded for proving that cancer cells are anaerobic, meaning they do not burn glucose, but rather they ferment glucose in order to get their energy.

"Over seventy-five years ago Dr. Otto Warburg published a Nobel Prize winning paper describing the environment of the cancer cell. A normal cell undergoes an adverse change when it can no longer take up oxygen to convert glucose into energy by oxidation. In the absence of oxygen the cell reverts to a primitive nutritional program to sustain itself, converting glucose, by fermentation. The lactic acid produced by fermentation lowers the cell pH (acid/alkaline balance) and destroys the ability of DNA and RNA to control cell division… the cancer cells begin to multiply unchecked. The lactic acid simultaneously causes intense local pain and destroys cell enzymes. Therefore, cancer appears as a rapidly growing outer cell mass with a core of dead cells."
See: http://www.cancer-coverup.com/fighte...um-science.htm

In the absence of oxygen, glucose undergoes fermentation to create lactic acid. This causes the cell pH to drop from between 7.3 to 7.2 down to 7 and later to 6.5; in more advanced stages of cancer and in metastases the pH may drop to 6.0 and even 5.7.

Dr. Warburg stated:

"But nobody today can say that one does not know what cancer and its prime cause be. On the contrary, there is no disease whose prime cause is better known, so that today ignorance is no longer an excuse that one cannot do more about prevention. That prevention of cancer will come there is no doubt, for man wishes to survive. But how long prevention will be avoided depends on how long the prophets of agnosticism will succeed in inhibiting the application of scientific knowledge in the cancer field. In the meantime, millions of men must die of cancer unnecessarily."

Nobel Prize Winner Otto Warburg in a meeting of Nobel Laureates, June 30, 1966.
See: http://www.alkalizeforhealth.net/Loxygen3.htm

Introduction to pH Therapy (a.k.a. Cesium Chloride Protocol)
When it comes to treating advanced cancers, such as Stage IV cancers, fast growing cancers, cancers that have spread significantly, high fatality cancers, etc., the cesium chloride protocol is one of the most proven cancer treatments in existence. The only downside to this treatment is the potential for swelling and inflammation caused by the immune system attacking cancer cells which are in the process of dying.

Cesium chloride is known to kill cancer cells by accumulating inside the cancer cells. Cesium chloride is also known to kill microbes. Thus, when a cancer patient receives enough cesium chloride to easily kill the microbes inside the cancer cells, but not enough to kill the cell, a person would think that the cancer cells would revert to normal. Also, cesium chloride blocks the glucose from accumulating inside the cancer cell, thus the cesium itself (and potassium) may block the Krebs Cycle and ETC, thus lowering the ATP energy and killing the cells. In other words, the cesium chloride treatment may work by lowering the ATP energy, killing microbes, putting the microbes into hibernation (which is the smallest stage of the cancer microbe and in this state the cell is able to revert into a normal cell [but the microbe is still there] and/or killing the cancer cells themselves. No one really knows exactly why cesium chloride works, but the evidence is that as a minimum it puts microbes into hibernation

Censium chloride comes in powder and in liquid form. The liquid versions have smaller clusters of cesium atoms that get inside the cancer cell. Liquid ionic cesium chloride works by making cancer cells highly alkaline, typically 8.0 and above, thus making them so "sick" the immune system attacks and kills them. Cesium chloride not only kills cancer cells indirectly, it immediately stops the metastasis of the cancer; can start shrinking tumor masses within weeks; and almost always stops the pain of cancer within 24 to 48 hours, depending on what is causing the pain.

Cesium has been proven to get into cancer cells, when other nutrients cannot. The cesium:
1) Makes the cancer cells alkaline (Note: the BLOOD is NOT made alkaline, only the inside of the cancer cells),
2) Limits the intake of glucose into the cell (thus starving the cell and making the cell "sick" from lack of food),
3) Neutralizes the lactic acid (which is actually what causes the cell to multiply uncontrollably), and
4) Stops the fermentation process, which is a second affect of limiting the glucose.

Warning About Self Administration
This protocol is so potent that a person should not attempt this protocol without expert support from the vendor (the consultant selling the supplements).

It is recommended than one does not self administer this protocol because of the inflammation and swelling that may be caused by the medication. Under a qualified therapist, he knows how to adjust doses and add other products to keep the swelling and inflammation at safe levels.

The key to a successful cancer treatment using cesium chloride is two things:
1) Using the best brand of cesium chloride,
2) Working with the best of the experts, usually by telephone

I just check the recommended website selling cesium chloride and found that they do not ship to Malaysia but Singapore.

Testimonials And Researches
You can find some testimonials and other studies below.

- Excellent Article on Cesium Chloride Treatment
- Sartori References (2 of them)
- How Censium Chloride Works by David W. Gregg, Ph.D.

Source: Upekah's Blog
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Old 17-07-2011, 06:41 PM
ipohan ipohan is offline
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Durian - The King
Join Date: Sep 2002
Location: ipoh
Posts: 11,107
ipohan is an unknown quantity at this point
Lightbulb Use of Cesium Chloride to Cure Malignancies

By Dr. James Howenstine, MD.

June 29, 2004

Nobel Prize Laureate, Dr. Otto Warburg, discovered that when he lowered the oxygen levels of tissues by 35 % for 48 hours normal cells were converted into irreversible cancer cells. Cancer patients have low levels of oxygen in their blood usually around 60 compared to normal values of about 100 by pulse oximetry. The common therapies used to treat cancer (chemotherapy and radiation) both cause drastic falls in the body's oxygen levels. Tissues that are acidotic contain low levels of oxygen whereas tissues that are alkalotic have high levels of oxygen.

In a normal cell glucose and oxygen easily enter the cell and waste products are promptly eliminated from the cell. The cell ph remains in the normal range of 7.35. When the outer lining membranes of the cell are chronically irritated by toxic substances (exposure to carcinogens) this membrane functions abnormally by failing to permit oxygen to enter the cell while glucose is still able to enter the cell.

Potassium ions are responsible for the ability of glucose to enter the cell. Potassium enters cancer cells in a normal manner so glucose still enters the cancer cell. Cancer cells have only 1%[1] of the calcium content found in normal healthy cells. The calcium, magnesium and sodium ions, which are responsible for the intake of oxygen into the cell, can not enter the cancer cell but the potassium ion still enters these cells. Thus we have cancer cells containing glucose but no oxygen.

When oxygen fails to enter the cell the cell's ability to control it's ph is lost and the cell becomes quite acidic. This is caused by the appearance of abnormal metabolism (anerobic glycolysis) in which glucose is converted (fermentation) into two particles of lactic acid. This production of lactic acid promptly lowers the ph within the cell to 6.5 or lower. The lactic acid damages the template for proper DNA formation. Messenger RNA is also changed so the ability of the cell to control its growth is lacking. Rapid and uncontrolled cancer cell growth and division occurs. Vitamin C and zinc are able to enhance the uptake of cesium, rubidium, and potassium into cancer cells.

Why The Current Cancer Surveillance And Therapy Programs Have Failed

During our lives we all kill millions of cancer cells unless our immune systems become injured. When a clinician is able to diagnose a cancer of the lung by chest xray, breast cancer by mammogram, or colon cancer by colonoscopy etc. it has already been in the body for 6 to 8 years and has had ample time to spread to other parts of the body. This is the reason that the massive program to get annual mammograms in women is a complete failure. The survival rate from breast cancer is the same for women who have never had a mammogram as for those who obtain annual mammograms (large population studies from Canada and Denmark discovered this).

Cancer treatment programs are based on the false concept that chemotherapy will kill more tumor cells than healthy cells and thus lead to recovery. The very cells (bone marrow) that enable a human to recover from cancer are damaged by chemotherapy. How could a therapy known to cause cancer (radiation) be able to improve long term survival for very many cancer victims? The statistics show that no more people are surviving now than 25 years ago. Both chemotherapy and radiation injure the immune system which is vital for surviving cancer.

The cancer cartel has no interest in curing cancer because chemotherapy drugs are an enormously profitable product for the pharmaceutical industry. An important clue proving that there is no sincere interest in curing cancer is provided by the fact that only .5% (one half of one percent) of the dollars spent on cancer research is spent on research directed at stopping the spread[2] of cancer (metastases). When a cancer fails to spread the patient can live many comfortable years in an uneventful manner.

Factors Influencing The Development Of Malignant Diseases

All persons are normally killing millions of cancer cells unless their immune system becomes injured. There are at least 6 things that can injure the immune system:
  • Nutritional Deficiencies (examples) Inadequate reserves of vitamin C and E can increase the morbidity experienced in surgical ICUs after massive trauma. Lack of selenium increases the risk of developing malignancies, infections and heart disease.

  • Infection Serious infections can deplete phagocytes, cause coagulation problems, nutritional deficiencies, impaired circulation etc.

  • Exposure to Radiation Injury to DNA and bone marrow may follow radiation leading to malignant changes in cells and greater opportunity for infections to occur.

  • Toxins Exposure to unhealthy dietary transfats, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, fluoride etc. injures the immune system's ability to mobilize a prompt effective response. The lack of dietary essential omega 3 fatty acids is an important cause for immune injury for 90% of U.S. citizens.

  • Stress When prolonged stress occurs the body steadily releases cortisone that causes suppression of the immune system, death of nerve cells, failure to kill abnormal cells, and risk of infection may increase...

  • Aging There is diminished ability to activate the immune system as we age. This contributes to the occurrence of malignancies and infections in the elderly.

Have There Been Any Cures For Cancer?

All health care practitioners who have developed a cure for cancer from Dr. Coley's toxins in 1900 through Dr. Stanislaw Burzinsky's antineoplaston currently have been greeted with vicious opposition, lies in the media if the media even admits the product exists, inability to get information published in mainline journals where physicians could read it, and frequently there is continuing harassment from lawsuits threatening loss of medical licensure. There have been at least a dozen safe cures for cancer down through the past century of health care that have come and gone without the general public's awareness that they even existed. The cancer industry is so powerful that television, newspapers, and medical journals subsidized by revenue from pharmaceutical advertisements are generally unwilling to admit that these cures have ever existed. Often fabricated articles are published disparaging the safety and effectiveness of the cure thus frightening the general public away from some natural therapy that could make them well. It is quite difficult for lay people to realize who is giving them the truth.

Using Alkali Therapy To Cure Cancer

Parts of the world that have high levels of strong alkaline minerals in their water have a very low incidence of cancer. The Hopi Indians have water that contains rubidium and potassium while the Hunzas of Northern Pakistan have water high in cesium and potassium. The Hopis and Hunzas do not develop cancer unless they move away from their homeland. Of considerable interest both the Hopis and Hunzas eat apricot kernels on a regular basis (laetrile).

Effective therapies that cure cancer have come and gone frequently since 1900. Alkali therapy for cancer was developed in that era. It worked quite well for cancer but was forgotten when only a few practitioners heard about it and were willing to face the opposition that the medical establishment directs toward anyone not using conventional methods of therapy. The use of strong alkali provided a permanent cure[3] for many patients.

The most alkaline minerals (cesium, rubidium, potassium) are able to enter cancer cells. Their strong alkalinity, particularly that of cesium, causes the ph within the cell to rise to values of 8 or higher because they affect ph more than the weak acid (lactic acid) within the cancer cell. In the very alkaline state cancer cells can survive for only a few days or less depending on the degree of alkalinity present in the cancer cell. If many cancer cells die simultaneously the body's ability to process and eliminate the breakdown products of massive cellular death may be overwhelmed causing a "detoxification reaction". The primary organ involved in detoxification by the body is the liver. Symptoms might include flu like symptoms, headache, nausea, and skin rash. The liver can increase it's ability to eliminate toxins by the use of the herb milk thistle which is a good idea during cancer therapy.

Sometimes there is so much malignant tissue dying sinus tracts will appear on the skin. This enables the body to get more of the toxic substances released from dead cells out of the body faster. Healthy normal cells have normal electrical potential in their cell membranes which allows them to keep cesium out of the cells.

Cesium capsules can rarely be a cause for perforation of the stomach or small intestine if they become positioned against the wall of either organ. For this reason cesium must always be taken with food and the liquid form of cesium would appear to be safer than a capsule.

One of the conditions observed after cesium therapy was a striking rise in blood uric acid levels. This is caused by massive release of DNA from dead cancer cells. DNA is metabolized into uric acid. Typically the values went from 3.5 mg. to 20 mg. This has the potential to cause decreased kidney function because large amounts of uric acid appearing in kidney tubules can form crystals that block the tubules. If a large number of kidney tubules become blocked kidney function fails and uremia appears. This is easy to prevent by using the pharmaceutical drug Xyloprim (allopurinol) before and concomitantly with cesium so that excessively high values of uric acid do not develop. This might only be needed when 20 or more grams of cesium (high dosage) are being taken daily. Xyloprim lowers the blood level of uric acid by shifting the metabolism of proteins so that the body produces less uric acid, thus decreasing the blood levels of uric acid and the amount of uric acid the kidney needs to excrete.

Cancer cells contain a fibrin meshwork 13 to 15 times thicker than the fibrin meshwork surrounding normal cells. This fibrin mesh surrounding cancer cells is believed to play a key role in the ability of cancer cells to escape destruction by making it quite difficult for the killer lymphocytes, phagocyes and cytokines of the immune system to contact and destroy cancer cells. As we age our ability to manufacture enzymes steadily diminishes. The key enzyme component in an effective enzyme preparation is chymotrypsin or serrapeptase both of which increase the body's ability to produce more enzymes. We like Vitalzyme for malignancies because of the widespread reports of good results using the the enzyme serrapeptase which is found in Vitalzyme. The dose can begin with 3 tablets three times daily on an empty stomach. This dose should be steadily raised at regular intervals if no improvement is seen. Enzymatic digestion of this fibrin mesh is an important part of cancer therapy. The processing of dead cancer cells is also expedited by the digestion of tissue fragments caused by enzyme therapy.

Clinical Results With Cesium Therapy

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Old 18-07-2011, 08:02 AM
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Unhappy Titiwangsa MP Dr Lo’ Lo’ dies of cancer

PETALING JAYA: Titiwangsa MP Dr Lo’Lo’ Mohd Ghazali of PAS died at about 10.25pm today after suffering from breast cancer.

A tweet message, sent out from her twitter account by an admin at 10.28pm, read: “Dr Lo’ Lo’ has just breathed her last moments ago.”
This was confirmed by PAS Dewan Muslimat chief Siti Zailah Mohd Yusoff, who is also the Rantau Panjang MP.

SMSes sent out to PAS members are saying that her remains will be taken to the Masjid Al-Akram in Dato Keramat for prayers at 8am tomorrow.
Lo’Lo’ had undergone treatment at the Selayang Hospital and was in a critical condition earlier today.

The news of Lo’Lo’s death made its round in the micro-blogging twitter site earlier today afternoon but her family had denied the news, stating that the parliamentarian was in critical condition and seeking treatment in Selayang Hospital.

Even Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim had tweeted at about 2pm about her death. He later retracted his tweet and apologised to her family.
The first term MP won the Titiwangsa seat in 2008.

While her seat will be declared vacant now, there will however be no by-election as the Parliament has served its three-year mandate. PAS will have to nominate someone to look after this constituency until the next general election.

Source: Free Malaysia Today
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Old 18-07-2011, 08:16 AM
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Lightbulb Liquid Cesium Chloride / DMSO

Liquid Cesium Chloride is one of the most alkaline elements and is used to raise the pH levels of cancer cells to 8.0 or greater. Otto Warburg won a Nobel prize for showing that cancer thrives in anaerobic (without oxygen), or acidic, conditions. Research by Keith Brewer, PhD and H.E. Sartori has shown that raising the pH, or oxygen content, range of a cell to 8.0 creates a deadly environment for cancer. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14, with numbers below 7 representing an acidic condition and above 7 representing an alkaline, or oxygenated, condition. When liquid cesium chloride is taken up by cancer cells, it raises the pH, or oxygen content, of the cell. The cells that die are absorbed and eliminated by the body.
The Liquid Cesium Chloride Protocol
(Liquid Cesium Chloride + DMSO) directly targets cancer cells, and is not injested by normal cells. Liquid Cesium Chloride immediately stops the metastasis of the cancer, can start shriking tumor masses within weeks, and almost always stops the pain of cancer within 24-48 hours. It is the most effective treatment for bone / brain cancers and other fast growing cancers.

Liquid Cesium Chloride is nearly always administered with DMSO. DMSO is a super-solvent. It binds to water (which makes up around 65% of the body) better than water does, giving DMSO the ability to penetrate every single cell of the body, so whatever its other effects may be, they will be spread systemically through the entire body. Whatever is administered with DMSO tends to bind with the DMSO and is carried to the inside of cells along with DMSO. If cytotoxic drugs are given to fight a cancer, or in this case Cesium Chloride, they are more effective when given with DMSO to escort them to the inside of cancer cells. DMSO also relieves the pain of cancer and, by being a free radical scavenger, reduces the side effects of radiation therapy. Animal studies show that DMSO, by itself, inhibits the growth of breast, colon and bladder cancer, as well as leukemia, in animals.

The Liquid Cesium Chloride Protocol can be self-administered at home under the telephone guidance of an experienced professional and is normally applied to the skin externally in a localized area (such as the abdomen) using a spray bottle. DMSO is sulfur-based and has a pungent sulfur smell that will be noticed by others when applied to the skin.

Telephone Support

As the Liquid Cesium Chloride/DSMO protocol can be self-administered at home under the guidance of of an experienced telephone professional, it is important to be comfortable that you will receive on-going, consistent, and immediate support when you need it during your treatment.

We referred a few patients to one such recommended vendor, Dr Darrel Wolfe PhD, of the Wolfe Clinic. The feedback we received from these patients was poor. Dr Wolfe was so busy (with an overwhelming number of other patients), that it was very difficult for these patients to discuss side effects or on-going complications with him at the time they needed. One patient had to wait nearly a week before Dr Wolfe was available. This lack of support can be very dangerous and put the patient at risk.

Other professional telephone support can be obtained from www.nutrition2000.com and www.essense-of-life.com, however we strongly recommend you discuss the subject of immediate and on-going support during your treatment.

Liquid Cesium Chloride Side Effects

There are many side effects of Liquid Cesium Chloride including inflammation, swelling and pain, muscle cramps, feet turning purple or feeling frost bite when you have taken too much liquid cesium chloride, your finger tips feeling like needles and pins, or a tingly prickly feeling in your hands or on your face, nausea and vomiting (if you have taken cesium internally - note liquid cesium chloride should always be applied eternally to the skin), itchiness, dry skin, frequently wanting to urinate, cramping, and dark dried blood in the urine (the last being a good sign) as the kidneys are expelling dead tissue.

Visit http://www.cancertutor.com/Cancer/Alkaline.html for a complete overview of these side effects and the Liquid Cesium Chloride / DMSO protocol.

The following is an extract from the American Cancer Society on Liquid Cesium Chloride and possible complications:
"In a case report from 1984, one person described his own experiences after taking cesium chloride for 36 days. He took 3 grams of cesium chloride dissolved in fluid after his morning and evening meals, which consisted of an alternative dietary regimen. He describes an “initial general feeling of well-being and heightened sense perception,” as well as nausea, diarrhea, and tingling of his lips, hands, and feet. This case report is very different from a clinical trial involving many patients and is not helpful in deciding on a safe dose of cesium. Another person, who may be younger, older, smaller, or less healthy than this individual may not do well with this dose. In fact, several recent case reports have described serious side effect in people with cancer taking similar doses, including life-threatening problems with heart rhythm, seizures, loss of consciousness, and electrolyte (blood chemistry) imbalances in patients who were taking cesium. Full information on the acute and chronic toxicity of this substance is not fully known. Consuming large amounts of cesium could result in nausea, diarrhea, disturbed heart rhythm, loss of consciousness, or even death. Based on results of animal studies, women who are pregnant or breast-feeding should avoid taking cesium chloride supplements. Relying on this type of treatment alone, and avoiding conventional medical care, may also have serious health consequences."

The purpose of Liquid Cesium Chloride is to make the body's cells alkaline, to a pH level of 8.0 or greater, to prevent further cell mutation and to reduce tumor mass. If you are not happy with the potential side effects of Liquid Cesium Chloride, a safer and just as effective alternative is Pleo-Sanuvis (Dextrarotatory Lactic Acid). There are no side effects with this substance.


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Old 18-07-2011, 10:11 PM
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Lightbulb Dr Burzynski movie (FULL VERSION)

Watch this video before it is being taken down from YouTube.

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Old 18-08-2011, 11:16 AM
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that's very important articles.
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