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Bangsa Malaysia Berikan pendapat anda bagi mewujudkan BANGSA MALAYSIA!

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Old 19-11-2006, 12:06 PM
UncleSam UncleSam is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2006
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Originally Posted by kops
if we have a divided mind, we will still as we are today.no progress unless we stand united and stop looking at the colour of the skin.juz look at Africa??? because of ketuanan kulit hitam, they are very far behind.don't make ourselves like them. the leader should stop put up ??? on race issue.those who want to defend their race laet it be. no point argue with them. we need a leader who are "Malaysian" minded. not pakcik, ah pek or ah neh minded.then only we can go far and have prosperity.

There is no "WE" in the context.. for the last 50 years, it has been "THEY" and "US" that has been used as the political agenda. If you look at the issues on hand carefully, the focus points is NOT about just THEIR specials but also injustice, cronyism and corruption among UmnoPutra but yet they have the nerve & skills to drama and shouting in the name of their religion and god for the sake of those they actually victimised.

Someone forseen this 50 years ago but too bad nothing changed much from then till now.

Memoirs of Lee Kuan Yew. The Singapore Story.(Excerpts from pages 325-328 of the Abridged Edition)

"I said that the Tunku had frequently said in public and in private that the Chinese were rich and the Malays poor, but I used some simple examples to highlight a few points, still speaking in Malay. "Special rights and Malay as the national language were not the answer to this economic problem. If out of 4 and a ½ million Malays and another 3/4s of a million Ibans, Kadazans and others, we made 0.3% of them company shareholders, would we solve the problem of Malay poverty?"

"How does a Malay in the kampong find his way out into this modernized civil society? By becoming servants of the 0.3% who would have the money to hire them to clean their shoes, open their motorcar doors? Of course there are Chinese millionaires in big cars and big houses. Is it the answer to make a few Malay millionaires with big cars and big houses? How does telling a Malay bus driver that he should support the party of his Malay director (UMNO) and the Chinese bus conductor to join another party of his Chinese director (MCA) - how does that improve the standards of the Malay bus driver and the Chinese bus conductor who are both workers in the same company?"

"If we delude people into believing that they are poor because there are no Malay rights or because opposition members oppose Malay righs, where are we going to end up? You let people in the kampongs believe that they are poor because we don’t speak Malay, because the government does not write in Malay, so he expects a miracle to take place in 1967 (the year Malay would become the national and sole official language). The moment we all start speaking Malay, he is going to have an uplift in the standard of living, and if it doesn’t happen, what happens then?"

Last edited by UncleSam : 19-11-2006 at 12:20 PM.
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Old 22-12-2006, 10:07 PM
mick010 mick010 is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2006
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Still people in politic only care about themselves.. Rakyat? Just an excuse for them to implement projects in the name of Rakyat but in the end, the prosper one is NOT Rakyat but politicians.
Well, since Pak Lah took over, nothing changes much but some do like the Anti-Rasuah campaign. Just put a badge on the chest showing 'Anti-Rasuah', he thinks it will reduce the corruption but it's just a waste of money. Proof: 5 ranks lower than before.
Everything does by the Government is for sake of Rakyat. Well, GLCs raised the price of water, electricity and even 'cukai tanah'. Latest, toll rate increased. Hey, all this actions were not benefit the Rakyat but burden us instead.
There are lots of things we can discuss and condemn bout the Government but what can we do to change the situation as Rakyat? Even we do not vote for the assemblymen in the next election OR spoil the vote, there are still politicians outside waiting for their chance to get a piece of this big and fat meat of Malaysia. Who should we trust?
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Old 22-12-2006, 10:33 PM
wifiabc wifiabc is offline
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Join Date: Jun 2006
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wifiabc is on a distinguished road

UMNOputras and their supporters who stand to benefit from it would never allow the NEP to end.
You shall not covet your neighbor’s house;
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