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Bangsa Malaysia Berikan pendapat anda bagi mewujudkan BANGSA MALAYSIA!

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Old 11-12-2006, 09:14 PM
UncleSam UncleSam is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2006
Posts: 821
UncleSam is on a distinguished road
Default Please Judge for Us - Fair or Unfair?

Got an email circulated around and somehow landed to my junkmail box with suprisingly interesting subject. As it is, the info here is not verfied for its accuracy nor intention, just shared for your interest only.

> Subject: Racism in Malaysia.
> Please Judge for Us - Fair or Unfair?
> Introduction:
> Malaysia is a multi-racial country. There are three
> major races in
> Malaysia which include Malays, Chinese and Indian.
> Malaysia is a
> commonwealth country. The highest politics position
> of Malaysia
> government is Prime Minister.
> Before Malaysia get independent Malays are work as
> road-builder, Chinese
> are work in economy field and Indian work in
> agriculture field. When the
> Independence Day in Malaya, there are an agreement
> that Malaya
> Government sign with the British which only
> Malaysian who born in 1900
> to 1940 knew about this agreement.. This agreement
> contains one major
> subject that written about the politics in Malaya
> that never expose to
> the citizen in Malaysia today. This major subject is
> that Malaysia Prime
> Minister should change every 5 years in an election.
> Each 5 years Prime
> Minister should change to other race.
> But there's a racism massacre happen in 13 th of May
> 1969. So the
> subject about the changing the Prime Minister to
> other race is gone
> since that racism massacre happened. And history
> today in Malaysia with
> British agreement is Malays should have the
> political power while
> Chinese SHOULD be satisfied with their commercial
> monopoly.
> And today this is what happened in Malaysia racism,
> These lists cover a period of about 49 years since
> Independence Day in
> Malaysia (1957):
> (1) Out of all the 5 major banks in Malaysia, only
> one bank is own by
> multi-racial, the rest are controlled by Malays.
> (2) 99% of Petronas (the only one petroleum company)
> directors are
> Malays, and the former Prime Minister work as
> Consultant in Petronas.
> (3) 3% of Petronas employees are Chinese.
> (4) 99% of 2000 Petronas gasoline stations are owned
> by Malays.
> (5) 100% all contractors working under Petronas
> projects must be "bumi's
> status" (Malay).
> (6) 0% of non-Malays staffs are legally required in
> Malay's companies.
> But there must be 30% Malays staffs in Chinese
> companies. And big
> companies in Malaysia require a Malays hold as
> director status with 51%
> shareholder. Which this mean non-Malays own company
> needs to give their
> property to Malays. And non-Malays citizen can't
> really own their
> business.
> (7) 5% of all new intake for government police,
> nurses, army, is
> non-Malays.
> (8) 2% is the present Chinese staff in Royal
> Malaysian Air Force (RMAF),
> drop from 40% in 1960.
> (9) 2% is the percentage of non-Malays government
> servants in Putrajaya
> (Malaysia main government office). But Malays make
> up 98%.
> (10) 7% is the percentage of Chinese government
> servants in the whole
> government (in 2004), drop from 30% in 1960. Only 2
> position for
> non-Malays in political status.
> (11) 95% of government contracts are given to
> Malays; even it is an open
> tender. Non-Malays contractors tender the lower
> price and use better
> materials can't get the contract that government
> given. ?
> (12) 100% all business licensees are controlled by
> Malay government e.g.
> Taxi permits, Approved permits, etc. and all the
> license are given to
> government officer families.
> (13) 80% of the Chinese rice millers in Kedah (north
> of peninsular
> Malaysia) had to be sold to Malay and controlled by
> Bernas (Government
> Org.) since 1980s. Otherwise, life is make difficult
> for Chinese rice
> millers.
> (14) 100 big companies set up, owned and managed by
> Chinese Malaysians
> were taken over by government, and later managed by
> Malays since 1970's
> e.g. UTC, UMBC, MISC, etc. This company now is the
> sole company.
> (15) At least 10 Chinese owned bus companies
> (throughout Malaysia,
> throughout 40 years) had to be sold to MARA or other
> Malay transport
> companies due to rejection by Malay authority to
> Chinese application for
> bus routes and rejection for their application for
> new buses.
> (16) 2 Chinese taxi drivers were barred from driving
> in Johor (South of
> Peninsular Malaysia) Larkin bus station. There are
> about 30 taxi drivers
> and 3 are Chinese in October 2004. Spoiling taxi
> club properties was the
> reason given.
> (17) 0 non-Malays are allowed to get shop lots in
> the new Muar (city in
> south peninsular Malaysia) bus station (November
> 2004).
> (18) 8000 billions ringgit is the total amount the
> government channeled
> to Malays pockets through ASB, ASN, MARA,
> privatization of government
> agencies like Tabung Haji etc, through NEP over 34
> years periods.
> (19) 48 Chinese primary schools closed down since
> 1968 - 2000
> (20) 144 Indian primary schools closed down since
> 1968 - 2000
> (21) 2637 Malay primary schools built since 1968 -
> 2000
> (22) 2.5% is government budget for Chinese primary
> schools. Indian
> schools got only 1%, Malay schools got 96.5%
> (23) while a Chinese parent with RM1000 salary
> (monthly) cannot get
> school-text-book-loan, and a Malay parent with
> RM2000 salary is
> eligible.
> (24) 10 all public universities vice chancellors are
> Malays. And
> politics in universities are held by Malays. If
> non-Malays want to form
> a politics parties, there is no way to get approved.
> (25) 5% - the government universities lecturers of
> non-Malay origins had
> been reduced from about 70% in 1965 to only 5% in
> 2004 with the reason
> Malaysia Education Ministry give full support for
> Malays only.
> (26) Only 5% is given to non-Malays for government
> scholarships over 40
> years.
> (27) 0 Chinese or Indians were sent to Japan and
> Korea under "Look East
> Policy".
> (28) 128 STPM (High Study / A Level) Chinese top
> students could not get
> into the course that
> they aspired i.e. Medicine and doctors (in 2004).
> Malays with not
> qualify result can get into the course.
> (29) 10% place for non-bumi students for MARA
> science schools beginning
> from year 2003, but only 7% are filled. Before that
> it was 100% Malays.
> (30) 50 cases whereby Chinese and Indian Malaysians,
> are beaten up in
> the National Service program since 2003.
> (31) 25% is Malaysian Chinese population in 2004,
> drop from 45% since
> 1957 because government are not support non-Malays
> like government
> support Malays.
> (32) 7% is the present Malaysian Indians population
> (2004), a drop from
> 12% since 1957.
> (33) 2 millions Chinese Malaysians had emigrated to
> overseas since 40
> years ago due to unfair politics.
> (34) 0.5 million Indians Malaysians had emigrated to
> overseas.
> (35) 3 millions Indonesians had migrated into
> Malaysia and became
> Malaysian citizens with bumi's status.
> (36) 600000 are the Chinese and Indians Malaysians
> with "red I/C" (a
> temporary identity card) and were rejected
> repeatedly when applying for
> citizenship for 40 years. Perhaps 60% of them had
> already passed away
> due to old age. This shows racism of how easily
> Indonesians got their
> citizenships compare with the Chinese and Indians
> (37) 5% - 15% discount for a Malay to buy a house,
> regardless whether
> the Malay is rich or poor
> (38) 2% is what Chinese new villages get compare
> with 98% of what Malays
> villages got for rural development budget..
> (39) 50 road names (at least) had been change from
> Chinese names to
> other names.
> (40) 1 Dewan Gan Boon Leong (in Malacca) was altered
> to other name (e.g.
> Dewan Serbaguna or sort) when it was being
> officially used for a few
> days. Government tries to shun Chinese names. This
> racism happened in
> around year 2000 or sort.
> (41) 0 temples/churches were built for each housing
> estate. But every
> housing estate MUST got at least one mosque/surau
> built.
> (42) 3000 mosques/surau were built in all housing
> estates throughout
> Malaysia since 1970 with full government support. No
> temples, no
> churches are built in housing estates that supported
> by government.
> (43) 1 Catholic Church in Shah Alam took 20 years to
> apply to be
> constructed. But told by Malay authority that it
> must look like a
> factory and can't look like a church. Still not yet
> approved since 2004.
> (44) 1 publishing of Bible in Iban language banned
> (in 2002)
> (45) 0 of the government TV stations (RTM1,RTM2,
> TV3) are directors of
> non-Malays origin.
> (46) 30 government produced TV dramas and films
> always showed that the
> bad guys had Chinese face, and the good guys had
> Malay face. You can
> check it out since 1970s. Recent years, this
> tendency becomes less.
> (47) 10 times, at least, Malays (especially Umno)
> had threatened to
> massacre the Chinese Malaysians using May 13 since
> 1969.
> (48) 20 constituencies won by DAP would not get
> funds from the
> government to develop. Or these Chinese majority
> constituencies would be
> the last to be developed
> (49) 100 constituencies (parliaments and states) had
> been racist
> re-delineated so Chinese voters were diluted that
> Chinese candidates,
> particularly DAP candidates lost in election since
> 1970s
> (50) Only 3 out of 12 human rights items are
> ratified by Malaysia
> government since 1960
> (51) 0 elimination of, all forms of racial
> discrimination (UN Human
> Rights) is not ratified by Malaysia government since
> 1960s
> (52) 20 reported cases whereby Malay ambulance
> attendance treated
> Chinese patients inhumanely, and Malay government
> hospital staffs
> purposely delay attending to Chinese patients in
> 2003. Unreported cases
> may be 200
> (53) 50 cases each year whereby Chinese, especially
> Chinese youths being
> beaten up by Malay youths in public places. We may
> check at police
> reports provided the police took the report,
> otherwise there will be no
> record
> (54) 20 cases every year whereby Chinese drivers who
> accidentally
> knocked down Malays were seriously assaulted or
> killed by Malays
> (55) 12% is what ASB/ASN (Malays Own banks) got per
> annum while banks
> fixed deposit is only about 3.5% per annum.
> (56) The latest news about the police in Malaysia.
> Believe that the
> Malaysia police officer have caught a Chinese girl
> and punish her with
> naked body nearby the windows that other people
> (believe that is police
> officer) can took video recording via mobile phones.
> This news spread to
> China, and finally Malaysia government told to
> public that is Malay
> girl. After that there's no more news about the
> case.
> And more cases haven't been discovered.
> So, if any Malaysian read this mail and got extra
> opinion please add
> into this mail and forward to everyone who feel this
> is unfair to other
> race in Malaysia.
> Your forward mail will be much appreciated.
> Thank you,
> From,
> Malaysian Race Humanity 2006
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Old 11-12-2006, 09:40 PM
ipohan ipohan is offline
Senior Member
Durian - The King
Join Date: Sep 2002
Location: ipoh
Posts: 11,107
ipohan is an unknown quantity at this point

I am sorry. This letter is misleading.

There are only two races in Malaysia. Umnoputras & the Malaysia general publics.

Don't be fooled by the Racist Politicians. Racial Politic is a tool to divide us so that they can stay in power no matter how bad is the management of the country.
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Old 11-12-2006, 10:15 PM
Yugi's Avatar
Yugi Yugi is offline
The makcik!
Durian - The King
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: homeless gradually :(
Posts: 4,528
Yugi is an unknown quantity at this point

I would see that the piece of cake for non-bumiputra needs to tolerant because of Dasar Economi Baru. Seems like it is very effective after decades.

However, the tolerances that non-bumiputra surpressed is painful. Moreover, the bumiputra get the piece of cake base on their social status too... so when, where and what did the DEB for non-bumiputra low status Malaysian on a whole???

Mind be critical to Dr. M's dasar after his retirement! Is there any Dr. M to write another DEB for low social status Malaysian despite the terms of bumiputra or non-bumiputra??? Please GOD KNOWS... and and let LOW SOCIAL STATUS MALAYSIAN knows.
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Old 11-12-2006, 10:23 PM
ipohan ipohan is offline
Senior Member
Durian - The King
Join Date: Sep 2002
Location: ipoh
Posts: 11,107
ipohan is an unknown quantity at this point
Thumbs up People have lost a common destiny

May be this letter tells all.

Pastor Carey
Dec 11, 06 5:15pm

It is with much sadness and frustration that I am writing about the present state of affairs in my beloved country. My parents and I were born in Kuching, Sarawak, and grew up among the Chinese, Iban, Bidayuh, Melanau, Indians, Eurasians and Malay friends (a microcosm representing Malaysia).

There was, and still is, complete trust and sincere friendship among the different races here and none of the acrimony and animosity that is so prevalent in Kuala Lumpur. I can only ascribe this to the racist and fascist stance and 'ideology' of Umno and the other Malay 'ultras' who think nothing of offending the minority races in the name of naked Malay nationalism.

They behave as if they, and only they, own the country with complete disregard to the legitimate rights of the other citizens including the rightful, legitimate original peoples of the land, the Orang Asli.

If the majority continue to condone or turn a blind eye to the dangerous and ridiculous antics of Umno and the Malay ‘ultras’, there will be no hope for the future. The blatant abuse of power, the corruption and the wastage of the country's wealth will ruin the country, especially when the oil runs out in 11 years' time.

But that is not as bad as the loss of a common destiny for its peoples. It would seem that the different races are now as far apart as they have ever been in the history of modern Malaysia. And guess who is responsible? The Umnoputras argue about how little corporate wealth they have acquired or amassed through the decades of cronyism at expense of the rest of the country.

But they hardly flinch when they are found out and exposed. Kudos to Professor Dr Lim Teck Ghee for exposing them.

Coupled with the headlong rush towards Islamisation, the rest of the country will face the twin terrors of race and religion as personified by the actions perpetrated by state political and religious apparatus. This to the detriment of human rights of other Malaysians.

Malaysians of other religions will be further alienated and made to feel that they are not part of the mainstream; they further marginalised and disenfranchised. Temples are demolished and approvals to build new churches are hindered.

I find it too distressing to continue with this train of thought but suffice to say that most reasonable Malaysians of all races will surely understand what I am trying to say in this not so eloquent letter. Most will worry about whether there is a viable, alternative government and worry about the need to change for the better.

I say, first recognise the problem and fix it. Then worry about what to do next otherwise nothing will be done. Who is responsible for all the malaise and creating the racial divide? We are in this state of affairs because of Umno and we don't even realise it..Wake up before it is too late.

Source: Malaysiakini.com
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Old 12-12-2006, 05:30 AM
UncleSam UncleSam is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2006
Posts: 821
UncleSam is on a distinguished road

Here you could find Chinese translated as well http://chernjie.blogspot.com/2006/09...nity-2006.html

This probably explained the origin of this email from http://www.asiawind.com/forums/read....&i=4193&t=4193
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Old 12-12-2006, 01:23 PM
ipohmali70 ipohmali70 is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2005
Location: Ipoh
Posts: 1,097
ipohmali70 is off the scale

Uncle Sam,

What you posted has been circulating in the Net for many years already. There are certainly truths as well as half-truths in the post, but in what magnitude I can't say I can verify.

That story has even reached Lim Kit Siang's blog and in it he requested the sender to verify it before posting.
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Old 12-12-2006, 05:42 PM
UncleSam UncleSam is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2006
Posts: 821
UncleSam is on a distinguished road

Originally Posted by ipohmali70
Uncle Sam,

What you posted has been circulating in the Net for many years already. There are certainly truths as well as half-truths in the post, but in what magnitude I can't say I can verify.

That story has even reached Lim Kit Siang's blog and in it he requested the sender to verify it before posting.

Rightfully so, be it half truth or half fake, the same analogy with a glass half filled or half empty. The morale of those figures is not the accuracy of numbers itself but the direction of trend and vague painting of a deminishing future. Do you see a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Hahahahah fat dream I guess
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