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Kitchen Tips Whether it is cook, bake or steam, share your tips here

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Old 27-06-2010, 06:58 PM
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One thing in regard to mountains.. there is this general craze to build buildings on slopes and mountains or hills.. generally speaking the higher you build, the better the FS.. but one thing you should not do is having your building on a peak of a hill or a mountain..

Peaks of hills are considered sacred places as they are resting places of spirits and also it is believed that some mountains are holding places for the various lucky dragons, building anything on it would block the access paths of that lucky element.. it can mean that you anger that dragon.. and it would disturb the harmony of that area.. road building however generally does not affect anything..

Mountains and their views.. contrary to popular believe, not all mountains are created equal..mountains which are very bad.. those with an antenna on it, those which has been reshaped due to mining or quarrying, those with 90 degree angles, extremely steep peaks and those which do not have any greens on it, mountains with many peaks. Another one that is extremely bad are those that are artificial, common in Europe. Good mountains.. those that have gentle and gradual gradients, those that have various shades of greens and stone intermixed within it.

If the property is facing a hill, where you stand at the outside of your front door and you cannot see the peak.. that will be very bad.. because it basically means extra hard work for a lifetime. However, if the backdoor of a house is facing the face of a mountain and you cannot see the peak, then this is a very good thing on condition the shadow of the mountain does not engulf your home.. if it does then chances are some ghost from the past will haunt you most likely an ex-lover or an enemy from the past. Best way to check this, visit the property between 10-2 watch if any part of the house is under a shadow of anykind from the mountain or any tall buildings nearby.

The peak you face is also very very important.. a sharp peak of any kind is an ultimate no-no.. to determine if you are facing a sharp peak.. stand under the main door to the house, sometimes using a viewfinder of a camera can be more accurate, focus to the peak.. if you are in straight line of sight of the peak then ensure it is not a sharp one.. rounded peaks are best, flat peaks are not desireable but are alright on condition it does not have a steep drop. Same rules go for windows. Sometimes it is unavoidable to face something share like an undesireable peak, a tall building, .'s neighbours, or a pointy edge of a building.. the easiest way to mitigate the effects.. on both sides of the door place either a lion or a dragon. A very good one to place is a lion piggybank with a few coins in it. The other thing to do is to place even numbers of cannons.. whatever you do, do not under any circumstances place the cannon directly behind the lion or dragon. The other thing that is possible to do is to plant red stalk palms and yellow trunk bamboos liberally.

Some examples of places with good FS due to mountains.. Switzerland, Austria, Bavaria, HK, Norway, Japan, many parts of Taiwan, Vancouver and many parts of Klang Valley..

Examples of bad FS due to mountains.. many parts of Sabah, Nepal, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Peru, Wales and one area which is seeing the effects of disturbing mountains Ipoh.

Now some interesting examples of FS in corporate world.. HSBC building in HK has one of the best ever spots for FS.. everything from the way the building is designed to how the staff are placed follow strict FS protocols. Then BoC built their building with a very sharp edge facing the point which is the core structure of the HSBC building.. This obviously affected the FS of HSBC, what they did? They mounted 2 large and very powerful cannons at the top of the building facing directly at BoC building. Another thing they did was in the inside of HSBC building, where it faces the sharp edge, they have placed a lion.. believe it or not, you are liable for disciplinary action and plenty of ridicule from your colleagues if you break any of those lions.
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