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Old 25-03-2011, 12:52 PM
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Durian - The King
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Datuk T sex video - technical insights and rationale
Written by Kim Quek Thursday, 24 March 2011

This article was actually written yesterday, but upon completing the article,
I was stunned by the explosive news of the sudden appearance of the trio behind the sex video.
Concerned that my article might have been
overtaken by this sudden turn of events, I withheld its release yesterday.

However, upon a review of the latest events, I find that the technical
insights and rationale put forward therein are still valid and pertinent to
the issue at hand. I hence present my following article with the hope that
it will add to the understanding of this fast evolving drama.

There is one simple way to find out whether 'Datuk T's' pornographic video
showing a look-alike of Anwar Ibrahim is a hoax, and that is to go to Anwar's
face book from your own face book account and look for his entries at the
time when the video was supposed to be recorded, which is 10:23pm to 10:45pm
on Feb 21, 2011.

I just did that, and I found that anwar made entries on that day at 10:40pm,
10:49pm, 10:50pm, for which he received 9 comments, 17 comments, 8 comments
respectively. And thereafter, he made another 7 entries, up till 11:028pm.
The fact that Anwar was actually posting messages in face book at the
relevant time clearly indicates that Anwar couldn't have been doing what was
indicated in the video.

As jokingly exclaimed by Anwar during the press conference on Mar 21, hours
after the exposure of the video: How could he be carrying out the sex act
and typing on his computer at the same time? Obviously, 'Datuk T' had
neglected to look up Anwar's face book before he launched his pornographic


Purely on a technical level, another question that puzzled me was: How could
so many acts be compressed into the purported duration of 22 minutes as
indicated in the video? Journalists who had viewed the video said that the
love-making part lasted 17 minutes. This means that within the remaining 5
minutes, the following events had to be completed:

Pre-sex act:

a.. Anwar look-alike (Mr. X) walked into the room with the conductor who
gave instruction to the prostitute who was already waiting there. The
conductor left the room.
b.. The couple undressed.
c.. Woman went into the bathroom and took a bath, which should include
wiping dry with a towel (the undressing and bathroom part of the video was
skipped by 'Datuk T', but he said the woman took a bath).

Post-sex act:

a.. Mr.X wiped his lower part with tissue, and went into the bathroom to
clean himself, which presumably included washing and wiping dry with a
b.. Mr. X came out from the bathroom, dressed himself and walked off the

It should be obvious that when one tallies up the reasonable time allowed
for completing each of these events, the total will far exceed 5 minutes.
This conflict of time frames further undermines the credibility of the video


'Datuk T' said that the sex romp took place in a Spa which provides sex in
Kuala Lumpur.

Will anyone believe that opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim - who has been
subjected incessantly to all sorts of cruel and unjust political persecution
for the past 13 years, branded as enemy number one, for which the ruling
power has been desperate to see that he is politically annihilated - would
even condescend to walk into a place of such disrepute at the peak hours,
where he would be instantly recognized by almost everyone present there, not
to mention having sex with a prostitute in the same place? Haven't 'Datuk T'
and the plotters behind him overstretched their imagination, if they think
the people would swallow such a story?

'Datuk T' also claimed that Anwar sent him to the room to look for his lost

If Anwar had patronized a prostitute in the room, would he be so foolish as
to send someone to the room to look for his watch? Wouldn't that stupid act
amount to a virtual confession to others what misdeed he had done there?
And wouldn't that confession spell the end of his political career? Who
will believe that Anwar would value the watch more than his family, his
political career and the destiny of his country and his people?

Despite the indefatigable effort of the ruling power to fix Anwar all these
years, has it produced an iota of evidence of his political or moral
misconduct, such as corruption, abuse of power, religious or moral sins?

If Anwar has shown none of these weaknesses, why should Malaysians believe
'Datuk T' in preference over Anwar, when what the former has displayed so
far is nothing but crass acts of character assassination that serves the
evil design of his political masters?
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Old 25-03-2011, 12:59 PM
fortune fortune is offline
Durian - The King
Join Date: Sep 2007
Posts: 11,214
fortune is on a distinguished road
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Hisham, arrest the datuks and we'll believe you
Mar 24, 11 9:27am

'If the cops are not complicit, how come they have taken no action against
Datuk T for the offence of screening and possessing pornographic material?'


It is either that I believe that there was a conspiracy of the highest order
or that the country has been left to the dogs. In this instance, at the home
minister's egging, I choose to believe in the latter possibility.

LittleGiant: The home minister says, "I have the right to defend the
integrity of the police."

What "police integrity" he is talking about? Has he done anything so far to
protect and defend the integrity of all those innocent people and their
families who have suffered in the hands of the police due to wrongful
detention and confinement?

What about innocent lives lost due to police brutality? What about
trigger-happy policemen who have gone around killing innocent people because
the police concluded themselves that those innocent souls were "criminals"
and did not have the brains to think otherwise?

The home minister must remember that he is a minister for the people first
and he has a duty to protect and defend the rights of the people first and
then only he should act as a minister for the police.

HYL: Boy! Talking about kicking a fella when he's in the mud! The ones in
possession of a sex tape and showing it to the public are not prosecuted,
but the so-called victim is to be sued.

Remember the Hong Kong actor case where his own private collection of sex
clips were uploaded to the Internet by another man. They prosecuted the guy
who uploaded them. But in Malaysia, the victim has to bear the consequences.
I am confused now because the Malaysian law does not appear to protect
innocent victims. So where and from whom can the innocent get their justice?

Lim Chong Leong: Hisham, if the cops are not complicit, then how come they
have taken no action against Datuk T for the offence of screening and
possessing pornographic material? And why do the police have to study
Anwar's report before taking action?

The screening is already a crime in itself and the police can take action
without any report just like when there is a man waving a gun in public. Or
do the police have to wait for a police report too in that event?

No more blatant lies please, Mr Home Minister. It is long proven that the
police is Umno personal security guard and it is up to them to prove
otherwise now to regain any public confidence.
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Old 25-03-2011, 01:09 PM
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Durian - The King
Join Date: Sep 2007
Posts: 11,214
fortune is on a distinguished road
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More replies from the public


Dood: "I don't want to see a leader with corrupt morals and character." -
Rahim Thamby Chik, former Malacca CM who was implicated in a sex scandal
involving an underaged girl.

I think that sentence says everything that needs to be said about the
character of this man.

Anonymous_3f96: This infamous trio are personalities who have hogged the
news in the past. Wasn't one of the trio, charged with statutory rape of a
minor. Another is involved in litigation concerning the crooked bridge. He
is also the owner of a sheep and goat farm in Kubang Pasu, Jitra (Tun
Mahathir's former constituency). Another is a senior member of the
right-wing group Perkasa. All three are directly or indirectly connected to
the ruling party.

Survivor: Rahim, it is only right that you are asked to resign, or rather
you ought to have resigned without being asked.

You have now admitted that TDM (Tun Dr Mahathir) was the person who did not
want you to resign. TDM was therefore wrong in not wanting you to resign. It
goes to show that TDM was in fact the person who do not mind having
scandalous ministers in his cabinet.

Anwar was right to want you to resign. If it is true as what you said, then
Anwar has got to lie to you because he cannot get TDM to agree to force you
to resign.

Proarte: We are getting the chronology wrong here. If there is to be a RCI
on the sex tapes, can we first start with Chua Soi Lek who was caught with
his pants down having sex with a Chinese woman in a hotel room?

He even admitted it was him in the tapes. He was caught performing oral sex
which is a criminal offence in our archaic laws inherited from the British
who themselves have repealed these from their statute books.

There should be a RCI to determine why there has been double standards in
the judicial and punitive system. They have let CSL off the hook but are
pursuing Anwar with venom. Why?

Anwar has denied being the man in the 'Datuk T' porn tapes so having an RCI
does not arise. While we are on the high horse of moral policing?

Will Rahim Thamby Chik provide his blood sample so that a DNA check can be
done to ascertian whether he indeed is the father of the child of the
underaged Malay girl whom he allegedly had a sexual relationship with. Will
he agree to a RCI on this matter?

Gerard Samuel Vijayan: Since every dog in Umno now wants to talk about
morality, why not have an RCI investigate all allegations of immorality
levelled against both Umno/BN and Pakatan Rakyat leaders.

Some of the idiotic Umno lap dogs who are commenting here should get this
into their big heads. So it was not okay to expose Rahim Thamby Chik but
alright to lie, slander, demonise and victimise Anwar?

Better Anwar than the murderers and pimps who run this country.
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Old 25-03-2011, 01:12 PM
fortune fortune is offline
Durian - The King
Join Date: Sep 2007
Posts: 11,214
fortune is on a distinguished road
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Carcosa symbolic of Anwar's patriotism and Najib's reliance on gutter

Mariam Mokhtar, Malaysia Chronicle Thurs, 24 March 2011

In 1987, a young radical politician, sought to have Carcosa, which had been
bequeathed as a "gift, a token of goodwill of the Malayan people to Her
Majesty's Government", by Tunku Abdul Rahman, returned to the Malaysian

This young man reasoned that Carcosa, which represented the seat of colonial
authority and power since 1898, should not have been passed to the British
after independence, but should have been retained by Malaya.

That young radical was Anwar Ibrahim.

His efforts paid off and Carcosa, complete with its 40 acres of landscaped
gardens and manicured bushes, was eventually returned to the Malaysian
government and swopped for two parcels of land in the city centre - for the
British High Commission and the High Commissioner's residence.

Last Monday, Carcosa, the one-time residence of the Resident-General of the
Federation of the Protected Malay States, and subsequent British High
Commissioners of Malaya/Malaysia, was again involved in another Anwar

On Monday, a mysterious Datuk T attempted to besmirch Opposition leader
Anwar Ibrahim. Datuk T held a press conference cum screening of a grainy sex
video of a man, which Datuk T claimed, was Anwar having sex.

Why did Datuk T show the sex video at Carcosa Seri Negara and not at other

Carcosa is symbolic of Anwar's patriotism in wresting back a prominent
property back into Malaysian hands.

Datuk T can't have been aware of the symbolic significance of Carcosa and
Anwar, because if he had, he would have said so.

Or was it precisely because Carcosa happened to be one of Anwar's
nationalist triumphs that the sex video was screened there? Perhaps Datuk T
hoped Carcosa would signify both Anwar's rise and precipitate his fall.

Unfortunately, the charade has backfired and people are repulsed by Umno and
its cheap tactics.

The three people behind this crass idea have brought Malaysia into further
disrepute, in both local and international circles.

Prime minister Najib Abdul Razak's cabinet did not inspire confidence to
start with. Now, aided by this dim trio, Najib's reputation is in tatters.

The three are:-

Abdul Rahim, a former Malacca chief minister who was charged with statutory
rape of a minor in 1994. To ordinary Malaysians, he is a rapist and a
paedophile. Our Malaysian government rewards such people by making him
chairman of RISDA.

Shazryl was known to be formerly in Anwar's inner circle. He is currently
the plaintiff in the case that was filed in January 2002, claiming a breach
of contract by Merong Mahawangsa Sdn Bhd and Yahya A. Jalil - for failing to
pay him RM20 million after he had procured the Johor crooked bridge project
for them.

Perkasa, the extremist NGO's treasurer, Shuib, was a former Sungai Petani
Umno division leader, and is Umno vice-president Mohd. Shafie Apdal's

Najib is in deep trouble but like other despots, who are greedy with power
and scared of their eventual downfall, never seem to think so.

Najib's cabinet and heads of GLCs are staffed by corrupt officials and
sexual deviants.

Najib chooses to bury his government's lack of policies and poor governance
by distracting us with sex videos, and the pornographic self-styled glamour
queen like Umi Hafilda.

Unfortunately, members of the cabinet are devoid of ideas as they are
morally corrupt and intellectually bankrupt.

Poor Najib. He does not have what it takes to lead and does not have what it
takes to keep his minions in check. The daft trio thought they were doing
him a favour. Instead, the rakyat now know the depths to which Najib and his
gang are prepared to sink.

News travels fast and Carcosa has just had its first casualty. A British
acquaintance who scouts for film sites was going to "experience" Carcosa for
a possible period English film set in the tropics. He is now going to
Vietnam instead. One wonders why?

Datuk T and Umno generate bad news and terrible publicity.
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