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All (the main orthodox) religions are good.

The only thing is that humans are mere mortals. N mortals err. We cannot understand nor comprehend the full design of God ... (but we can feel love.)

Religious leaders are amongst the most influential (and hence, most powerful) pple in the world. It is extremely important that they be mindful of the things they say, especially in public. We have seen many egs in the real world - the latest of which is Pope Benedict's remarks about an ancient emperor and his (-ve) views on Islam. To him (& most Catholics) there was nothing wrong with his speech (especially if you read the entire lengthy text). However, to the millions of Muslims around the world, it was total disrespect and an affront to Islam. It did not matter what the Pope said he originally meant. It did not matter that it was the Muslims who (not reading nor hearing his full speech) misinterpreted. The fact was, millions were inflamed. The result was that Pope Benedict had to apologise in public for his remarks.

The most important thing is how the masses interpret & react.

Frankly, i think that if the Pope had not apologised, the millions of Catholics n Christians around the globe could misinterpret his words and have similar misunderstanding of Islam. That would of course be detrimental to world peace. IMO, the Pope could have done without those remarks. He could have been wiser.

As for the Perak mufti, myself i do not have a good opinion of him. He's always making the headlines for the wrong reasons. I'm just a normal layman, normal guy on the street. From what i read in the press, i think he's just a narrow-minded Muslim leader.

After reading Gemukk's posts, i must say my stance towards him have softened significantly. He must be a good guy. Gemukk did give good justifications. However, some of it is not practical. Nobody on the street will look up the fatwa documents or read the full text, etc. The situation is rather similar to the Pope.

The most impt fact is how the normal man on the street interprets his words. How the Muslims interpret his words. How non-Muslims interprets his words. I agree w Sean that things would be better if the mufti had chosen to remain silent. There was nothing broken, n hence nothing to mend.

As for Marina's article, i thought it was really good actually. I have no predispositioned views about her person. The article by itself is good. And as far as i'm concerned, it strikes a chord with my own perception. And i believe, a lot of pple will agree with her views too.

I'm not really sure whether i'm being wise posting this article. I know Sean n Gemukk have called a "truce". Just wanted to add my piece to what has been an interesting thread. No offence meant.
"The one who has conquered himself is a far greater hero than he who has defeated a thousand times a thousand men"

- from the Dhammapada (Sayings of the Buddha)

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