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Originally Posted by kanden
It's the most basic question for humans - "WHY?"

Don't you wonder why God/Creator or the Universe works this way? With reincarnation ... all that endless cycles of suffering, birth and rebirth, assembling and disassemlbing ... what's the purpose of all that? what's the whole point? there's so much energy wasted. It's like ... might as well God have not created at all. No need for all this hullabaloo.

I'd just prefer to believe that God has a bigger purpose and plan for all of us rather just that ... "it's just how it is". Just wanted ur opinion.

I strongly believe one would waste much more time and energy continue thinking of more "WHYs" than to understand it, see it and let it be. Who the hell cares where it started and when it would end?

Just live in present and live is that simple and basic about life.
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