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Originally Posted by Ipohite39
RF, From our experience, it doesn't matter which part of Peninsular Malaysia you are in except Taman Negara, the situation would be marginally better only. As for the gomen, who only monitor and hope the wind takes the haze somewhere else. Probably, they are as powerless as we have. We have govt to govt agmts as in some WC match outcomes. Why has Malaysia become so powerless to influence the indons to do the rite thing?
From my Xperience (oh, hi, i'm sorta back, bye... I'll be gone again ), it was REALLY BAD in KL last year, but in Ipoh, it was much better during the wkdays. AND Thank God, wen i returned to KL, the really bad haze was pushed north to Ipoh and Penang ....

So, it can sorta help...... But let's not argue about that...... The main point is the haze started yearly by stupid ppl clearing the land in Indo. I say we should start a group like GreenPeace here in M'sia and go over there and do some publicity stunt.... But, but, but.... It's not fun to be charged by indo police or to spend the night in Indo prisons....

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