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Originally Posted by kris
That's Yau Kee Curry Chicken Bread, originally from Kampar. There are 2 other branches, lst one at the corner of Jln Pasir Puteh/Leong Boon Swee Rd, another one on Jln Seenivasagam opposite Overseas Restaurant and near Excelsior.

If you consider all the veggie restaurants halal, then there are lots of them in Ipoh. What are the requirements for Chinese restaurants to be halal anyway? Is it just pork-free or there are other requirements to be complied with? Are those seafood restaurants like the one you went to in K Sepatang halal?
Aren't the hotel restaurants halal as well? Palace in Excelsior and Tai Tong in Heritage?

there r 2 curry chicken breads now w abt the same name:

the real Mccoy is "Yau Kee"
the "fake" one "Sun Yau Kee" which has a kiosk at Jusco

Never tried the "Sun Yau Kee" cos i din find the real Mccoy that good either. A lot of hype for the packaging - that's abt it. I'd rather go somewhere else for a proper curry chicken
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