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"Gin Sek O" or "Chuen Sek Oh" is Taman Impiana Adril. That place is to be avoided at all costs, it's too near the 3 polluting plants I mentioned (Malay-Sino, Tor Minerals & Seal Polymer). Mind u, Asian Rare Earth old plant is also in the vicinity. The history of this place is that the land used to belong to Meranti Tiga n Keris prop bought it over and developed it. Had a lot of rumours that the toxic waste dumped in the pool behind ARE had caused some residents to suffer cancer. etc.

Developers in Ipoh are something like turnkey project specialists. They build, operate some stuff and transfer (sell or "cuci tangan"). If they care enough for future sales and public perception, they'll do a better job. Station 18 is a black mark in Keris Prop's history, unfortunately.
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