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Originally Posted by Gemukkk
good day, Makcik Yugi,

i hope i can tell you a muslim's understandings and practices.

in islam, everyone is told to have patience as one of their virtues. being patient leads to many other virtues such as level-headedness, clarity of thought/action, perspective, wisdom, etc.

emotionally, you may hate a person. no one is perfect. as such, in islam, it is frowned upon yet as long as you do no harm to the person, you did not incur any sin. means, you keep your hate to yourself.

however, harm is a very general word. even bad-mouthing or showing displeasure/hate are considered to harm a person.
where harm is inflicted, there is a double punishment.
one, seek forgiveness from god. repent and do such things no more to anyone at all. this is what muslims call 'taubat'.
second, seek forgiveness from that person (if not, this sin will be against you in judgement day).

i am guilty of this hate towards her.


Good to read your reply here than at the general spiritualism sections. Thank you Seantang allowing makcik to off-topic here. Now, let's get to learning in general a Muslim's understanding and practices with Islamic teaching.

hope= We all are not perfect, however, it is good that we know and we do HOPE to take religion or own belief to practise in our life. So, hope is your humble saying here, Gemukkk.

being patience = a very good way of learning and practicing. However, the sentiment of being patience needs to know by that person. Or else, makcik don't see the consequeces of getting virtues as you stated. We will talk more next.

hate a person & keep your hate to yourself = a way that is so dangerous to community living. We depend and interact socially in our daily lives no matter where and who We are. The negativity that reflects to others would cause what kind of influences in our community that you could think of, Gemukkk? A healthy living or a misunderstanding that leads to more and more conflicts in the environment we are living at? What would you suggest to get this practices to permeate positivity as for Muslim's understanding and practices then, Gemukkk?

seek forgiveness = from god and the person, I repsect the person of acknowledging his/her own act. However, seek forgiveness to own self is necessary too. This seeking would take as a reflection to ourselves to get to another level of practices. This would lead by God knows to WE know.

harm is inflicted = I would like to state that "double punishment" you have stated. It is depending on the person's own karma, where easily leads you and other Muslim friends to come out with "God knows" where makcik already requested to refrain. So, should not discuss any further. Just to let WE know that when WE did wrongful act, we are punished. However, WE are not that worst to change our lives with good deeds continueously for our own karma. The double punishment should mean more than punishment to mature religious and belief followers.

Your reply to the monk's precept is corrected to me. Muslim's ways of doing such as you suggested: "berwudhuk, prayer or reading a quran may calm the person and thus, lead the person to re-think the situation/emotions/perspective," I believe, are similar to meditation. However, one needs to awarre of his/her negativity towards anger and hate is not subvert but release to permeate peaceful understandings and reactions. It is easily to understand, to accept, and to talk, when in practices WE need more awareness and alert to our emotions of hate and anger. Hope WE are helping each other into our own religion and belief practices daily.

Thanks, Gemukkk. Also, Seantang, thank you very much to excuse makcik's interruptions here. Your posts of in this sections would bring good discussions.

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