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Lightbulb Use of Cesium Chloride to Cure Malignancies

By Dr. James Howenstine, MD.

June 29, 2004

Nobel Prize Laureate, Dr. Otto Warburg, discovered that when he lowered the oxygen levels of tissues by 35 % for 48 hours normal cells were converted into irreversible cancer cells. Cancer patients have low levels of oxygen in their blood usually around 60 compared to normal values of about 100 by pulse oximetry. The common therapies used to treat cancer (chemotherapy and radiation) both cause drastic falls in the body's oxygen levels. Tissues that are acidotic contain low levels of oxygen whereas tissues that are alkalotic have high levels of oxygen.

In a normal cell glucose and oxygen easily enter the cell and waste products are promptly eliminated from the cell. The cell ph remains in the normal range of 7.35. When the outer lining membranes of the cell are chronically irritated by toxic substances (exposure to carcinogens) this membrane functions abnormally by failing to permit oxygen to enter the cell while glucose is still able to enter the cell.

Potassium ions are responsible for the ability of glucose to enter the cell. Potassium enters cancer cells in a normal manner so glucose still enters the cancer cell. Cancer cells have only 1%[1] of the calcium content found in normal healthy cells. The calcium, magnesium and sodium ions, which are responsible for the intake of oxygen into the cell, can not enter the cancer cell but the potassium ion still enters these cells. Thus we have cancer cells containing glucose but no oxygen.

When oxygen fails to enter the cell the cell's ability to control it's ph is lost and the cell becomes quite acidic. This is caused by the appearance of abnormal metabolism (anerobic glycolysis) in which glucose is converted (fermentation) into two particles of lactic acid. This production of lactic acid promptly lowers the ph within the cell to 6.5 or lower. The lactic acid damages the template for proper DNA formation. Messenger RNA is also changed so the ability of the cell to control its growth is lacking. Rapid and uncontrolled cancer cell growth and division occurs. Vitamin C and zinc are able to enhance the uptake of cesium, rubidium, and potassium into cancer cells.

Why The Current Cancer Surveillance And Therapy Programs Have Failed

During our lives we all kill millions of cancer cells unless our immune systems become injured. When a clinician is able to diagnose a cancer of the lung by chest xray, breast cancer by mammogram, or colon cancer by colonoscopy etc. it has already been in the body for 6 to 8 years and has had ample time to spread to other parts of the body. This is the reason that the massive program to get annual mammograms in women is a complete failure. The survival rate from breast cancer is the same for women who have never had a mammogram as for those who obtain annual mammograms (large population studies from Canada and Denmark discovered this).

Cancer treatment programs are based on the false concept that chemotherapy will kill more tumor cells than healthy cells and thus lead to recovery. The very cells (bone marrow) that enable a human to recover from cancer are damaged by chemotherapy. How could a therapy known to cause cancer (radiation) be able to improve long term survival for very many cancer victims? The statistics show that no more people are surviving now than 25 years ago. Both chemotherapy and radiation injure the immune system which is vital for surviving cancer.

The cancer cartel has no interest in curing cancer because chemotherapy drugs are an enormously profitable product for the pharmaceutical industry. An important clue proving that there is no sincere interest in curing cancer is provided by the fact that only .5% (one half of one percent) of the dollars spent on cancer research is spent on research directed at stopping the spread[2] of cancer (metastases). When a cancer fails to spread the patient can live many comfortable years in an uneventful manner.

Factors Influencing The Development Of Malignant Diseases

All persons are normally killing millions of cancer cells unless their immune system becomes injured. There are at least 6 things that can injure the immune system:
  • Nutritional Deficiencies (examples) Inadequate reserves of vitamin C and E can increase the morbidity experienced in surgical ICUs after massive trauma. Lack of selenium increases the risk of developing malignancies, infections and heart disease.

  • Infection Serious infections can deplete phagocytes, cause coagulation problems, nutritional deficiencies, impaired circulation etc.

  • Exposure to Radiation Injury to DNA and bone marrow may follow radiation leading to malignant changes in cells and greater opportunity for infections to occur.

  • Toxins Exposure to unhealthy dietary transfats, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, fluoride etc. injures the immune system's ability to mobilize a prompt effective response. The lack of dietary essential omega 3 fatty acids is an important cause for immune injury for 90% of U.S. citizens.

  • Stress When prolonged stress occurs the body steadily releases cortisone that causes suppression of the immune system, death of nerve cells, failure to kill abnormal cells, and risk of infection may increase...

  • Aging There is diminished ability to activate the immune system as we age. This contributes to the occurrence of malignancies and infections in the elderly.

Have There Been Any Cures For Cancer?

All health care practitioners who have developed a cure for cancer from Dr. Coley's toxins in 1900 through Dr. Stanislaw Burzinsky's antineoplaston currently have been greeted with vicious opposition, lies in the media if the media even admits the product exists, inability to get information published in mainline journals where physicians could read it, and frequently there is continuing harassment from lawsuits threatening loss of medical licensure. There have been at least a dozen safe cures for cancer down through the past century of health care that have come and gone without the general public's awareness that they even existed. The cancer industry is so powerful that television, newspapers, and medical journals subsidized by revenue from pharmaceutical advertisements are generally unwilling to admit that these cures have ever existed. Often fabricated articles are published disparaging the safety and effectiveness of the cure thus frightening the general public away from some natural therapy that could make them well. It is quite difficult for lay people to realize who is giving them the truth.

Using Alkali Therapy To Cure Cancer

Parts of the world that have high levels of strong alkaline minerals in their water have a very low incidence of cancer. The Hopi Indians have water that contains rubidium and potassium while the Hunzas of Northern Pakistan have water high in cesium and potassium. The Hopis and Hunzas do not develop cancer unless they move away from their homeland. Of considerable interest both the Hopis and Hunzas eat apricot kernels on a regular basis (laetrile).

Effective therapies that cure cancer have come and gone frequently since 1900. Alkali therapy for cancer was developed in that era. It worked quite well for cancer but was forgotten when only a few practitioners heard about it and were willing to face the opposition that the medical establishment directs toward anyone not using conventional methods of therapy. The use of strong alkali provided a permanent cure[3] for many patients.

The most alkaline minerals (cesium, rubidium, potassium) are able to enter cancer cells. Their strong alkalinity, particularly that of cesium, causes the ph within the cell to rise to values of 8 or higher because they affect ph more than the weak acid (lactic acid) within the cancer cell. In the very alkaline state cancer cells can survive for only a few days or less depending on the degree of alkalinity present in the cancer cell. If many cancer cells die simultaneously the body's ability to process and eliminate the breakdown products of massive cellular death may be overwhelmed causing a "detoxification reaction". The primary organ involved in detoxification by the body is the liver. Symptoms might include flu like symptoms, headache, nausea, and skin rash. The liver can increase it's ability to eliminate toxins by the use of the herb milk thistle which is a good idea during cancer therapy.

Sometimes there is so much malignant tissue dying sinus tracts will appear on the skin. This enables the body to get more of the toxic substances released from dead cells out of the body faster. Healthy normal cells have normal electrical potential in their cell membranes which allows them to keep cesium out of the cells.

Cesium capsules can rarely be a cause for perforation of the stomach or small intestine if they become positioned against the wall of either organ. For this reason cesium must always be taken with food and the liquid form of cesium would appear to be safer than a capsule.

One of the conditions observed after cesium therapy was a striking rise in blood uric acid levels. This is caused by massive release of DNA from dead cancer cells. DNA is metabolized into uric acid. Typically the values went from 3.5 mg. to 20 mg. This has the potential to cause decreased kidney function because large amounts of uric acid appearing in kidney tubules can form crystals that block the tubules. If a large number of kidney tubules become blocked kidney function fails and uremia appears. This is easy to prevent by using the pharmaceutical drug Xyloprim (allopurinol) before and concomitantly with cesium so that excessively high values of uric acid do not develop. This might only be needed when 20 or more grams of cesium (high dosage) are being taken daily. Xyloprim lowers the blood level of uric acid by shifting the metabolism of proteins so that the body produces less uric acid, thus decreasing the blood levels of uric acid and the amount of uric acid the kidney needs to excrete.

Cancer cells contain a fibrin meshwork 13 to 15 times thicker than the fibrin meshwork surrounding normal cells. This fibrin mesh surrounding cancer cells is believed to play a key role in the ability of cancer cells to escape destruction by making it quite difficult for the killer lymphocytes, phagocyes and cytokines of the immune system to contact and destroy cancer cells. As we age our ability to manufacture enzymes steadily diminishes. The key enzyme component in an effective enzyme preparation is chymotrypsin or serrapeptase both of which increase the body's ability to produce more enzymes. We like Vitalzyme for malignancies because of the widespread reports of good results using the the enzyme serrapeptase which is found in Vitalzyme. The dose can begin with 3 tablets three times daily on an empty stomach. This dose should be steadily raised at regular intervals if no improvement is seen. Enzymatic digestion of this fibrin mesh is an important part of cancer therapy. The processing of dead cancer cells is also expedited by the digestion of tissue fragments caused by enzyme therapy.

Clinical Results With Cesium Therapy

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