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Thumbs up Graphene battery or will lead reforms : Charging 10 minutes to run 1000 km

Graphene polymeric material of lithium batteries cost 77% lower than the weight is only half of the traditional batteries .

Electric vehicles for its cleanliness and favored by consumers , and the current consumption and battery life but prohibitive for some people , but this vexing problem , or will be resolved .

According to the “World News” had a message , Spain Graphenano company ( an industrial -scale production of graphene company) developed the first case of polymeric material graphene battery with the University of Cordoba , Spain , and its storage capacity is the best product currently on the market three times with this battery provides power for the electric car can travel up to 1,000 kilometers, and its charging time of less than 8 minutes .
Graphenano company plans to put into production in 2015 of this battery , and plans with the German car company in two of the four ( now is not convenient to disclose the company name ) will be tested in this month, and electric vehicles.

The star of the current electric car industry car – Tesla chairman and product architect Alan Musk (Elon Musk) had boldly predicted in an interview with the British car magazine “Auto Express” interview , the future of electric vehicles is expected to reach Mileage about 800 km . The polymeric material graphene battery with the advent of automobile production or joint electric car industry will lead the new mileage.

Graphene is the thinnest , hardest material in the world, came out in 2004 , its discoverer , University of Manchester Andre – Heim (AndreGeim) professor who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010 .

Such polymeric material graphene longer battery life , twice to four times the conventional hydride batteries , lithium batteries. And because of the characteristics of graphene , this battery is only half the weight of conventional batteries , making the loading of the car battery is more lightweight , thereby improving vehicle fuel efficiency.

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