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Dear FA,

Yes, the drought condition is getting to be very serious, but it is still manageable here, where I am. Of course everyone is encouraged and has to reduce water usage. As a result, there are water "police" out there warning and ticketing people that are wasting these precious resources by watering their lawns excessively. FYI, we are only allowed to water our lawns with a timer for 10 minutes twice a day, three days a week early in the morning and at night. All homes are also installed with water meters, so you will pay for the amount of usage. It used to be a set fee a month no matter how much water one uses, which is really crazy, considering there are people out there, who have no common sense in water usage. In addition, we are not allowed to use a garden hose to wash our cars any more. Personally, I have always taken mine to the commercial car wash for the last 20+ years. Those car washing establishments recycle their water run offs, so it is a win win situation, convenience for car owners, saves water resources and creates employment.

Major problems are found in many rural areas where residents rely solely on their own wells for water. The population is scarce and residents tend to be poor, so they will dig shallow wells for their water supply. When the water table drops and the well runs dry, they don't have the financial means to dig deeper wells plus they tend to have larger families and their water needs cannot be met. Many are farmers and they may not have the latest tools and technologies to convert over to the more water efficient methods of farming. Lately, several non profit organizations have raised money to help them dig deeper, communal wells and teach them better irrigation methods for farming. In short, everyone of us has to get together and put in the combined effort to conserve water. It will take the cooperated effort of the entire community, township, city and state to get through this drought.
Be Happy!!!

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