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Entering the Check Point at St. Petersburg, Russia.

The climate in St. Petersburg is very cold. During the winter months, it can get down to -30F and the rivers are frozen solid from top to bottom.

FYI, there are only 50+ days of "warm" sunny days and even during those days, the weather can change from being sunny to rainy within the hour. We are very fortunate to have cool, sunny days during our visit in this Baltic region.

BTW, during this time of the year, the sunrise can be as early as 4 AM and the sunset can be as late as 11 PM at night. However, there is still light in the sky until midnight even after the sun sets.
Hence there is a term here referred to as "White Night". People, especially the young will party late into the night during this period.

Apartments near the port.

Be Happy!!!

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