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About two thousand five hundred years ago, one man said, "Things are in a constant state of change". This is a Universal Law that will last till eternity.

In physical science, we see water flows, wind blows, energy transfers & so on...

In chemistry, we have chemical reactions, iron rusts, radiations, burning & so on...

In biological science, Darwin called it "Evolution".

And last but not least, in Social Science, we have "Revolutions", "Transformations" & "Reformations". Whether the changes are in slow pace or of a sudden change (Revolution), human societies are in constant changes just like others. That is we change for the better.

Hence in the olden age, any Muslim couple who were caught in adultery would be stoned to death. But now we don't practise that any more, do we?

In this modern era, we emphasise more & more on the "Individual Rights". Freedom of Speech, Indiv
idual Privacy Right, Freedom of Worshiping, Freedom of Mother Tongue Education & etc.

Therefore, if anyone refuses changes, there will be pain, confusions, conflicts & worst of all, violence & bloodshed.

Unfortunately, there are groups of Religious Extremist, they want things to be back to the olden age. They refuse to accept that changes already happened in our societies. People now are looking for more freedom, equality, happiness & justice.

I would like to share this letter from Ahmad Akmal who wrote to today.

Ahmad Akmal
Nov 30, 06 4:38pm

The letters to the editor that have been published by malaysiakini in recent days have drawn my eyes to the fact that there are many more like-minded Malaysians out there who share my distaste at the way things are presently in our country. Written by Malay, Chinese, Indians and writers from other descents, the message is similar - something is amiss.

The Malays writers go on about how the NEP is going to destroy their race, but don’t want to speak up for fear of being labeled a traitor. The Chinese writers ramble about how bad a deal they are getting, having to still subsidise their 'country mates' after nearly 50 years of independence. One points to how even a nation that was on the brink of nuclear destruction became a world power in less than half that time, exporting all those cars. The Indian writers detail how it has been even worse for them, third-class citizens, as one points out.

The point I'm trying to get at is that, you, as part of the voting public, should do more than just vent your frustrations in writing. You have something no one can take away from you - the right to choose who your leaders are. The right to vote.

If the present situation persists, you have no one to blame but yourselves. You’re to blame for the downward spiral that your race is facing as a result of politicians sucking the country dry under the guise of the NEP. You’re to blame for being unfairly treated for nearly 50 years. You’re to blame in that you remain third-class citizens.

The time for change is now. And for those who claim that there is no other party to vote for except one religious-based party (which threatens to bring us back to the Stone Age) and one whose leading figure was once part of the same rotten bunch of leaders once, let me remind you that there is an alternative.

If you, like me, share the holistic view that meritocracy should prevail, that freedom of speech should be a basic principle, that the power to imprison a person indefinitely without a trial should be a thing of the past, that we and our country deserve better than to be sucked dry by greedy politicians, that the freedom to choose a religion or to choose not to have one should be the right of every individual, that there should be a separation of church (or in this case, mosque) and the state, then exercise your right and cast your vote.

If there is no worthy party to vote for, then vote for the independent candidate. There is no way to be sure that he or she would do a better job, but come on, it surely can’t get any worse than this. The recent Umno general assembly showed a glimpse of the future crop of leaders, such as Hishammuddin Hussien Onn and Khairy Jamaluddin, beating their chests. I can conclude only one thing - we are doomed if this lot comes to power.

I appeal for more people to run as independent candidates in the next general election. Run on the principles of equality and meritocracy, and my vote is with you. It’s time to save our country from the brink of self-destruction. You, voters, do have a say, and you do have a choice. Part of the government’s lie has been to make you believe that you don’t.

Press for greater scrutiny of the Elections Commission in the next general election and make your choice. To not do so would be a crime against future generations.

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