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Originally Posted by Gemukkk
talk about pot calling the kettle black. no action, talk cock only.
That argument is not an argument at all.

Just like how a lot of people called LKY a pot because he made some comments about a kettle marginalising other kitchen utensils.

Whatever they are deemed "eligible" to speak or whether they've paid their "dues" (whatever one might define those dues should be) to speak their mind... well, that doesn't concern us. Well, at least it doesn't concern me.

All that matters is whether these people are speaking the truth. I feel she is and I can guarantee you that 7.5 million Malaysians feel the same, even if that truth is not the accepted version by some quarters.

If one feels that there is a need to rebut her points, go ahead. I'm all ears. But to argue that her failings (whatever you perceive them to be), disqualifies her from pointing out the failings of others... is as I said, not even an argument
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