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I tend to think that AB started off well. But after the death of the late first lady, I think he's succumbed to despair and has become a shadow of the man he was during the GE. You can tell from his face, his demeanour and the simple conviction of his language. Don't you think these days, he's continuously spouting slogans during his speeches, rather than saying anything of real consequence?

My suspicion is that he's become mentally exhausted, very dependent on his daughter emotionally and on her husband governmentally. And the 'downline' as you so aptly put it, have run amok.

During Mahathir's time, the corruption was pretty darn bad, but at least it was tightly controlled by Mahathir or Daim. In AAB's administration, there's a very real danger of the whole wagon going uncontrollably over the cliff.
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