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Originally Posted by Tintin
I'm confused. What's the difference between curry laksa, laksa and curry mee? Can someone enlighten me? Why can't things be simpler? I'm particularly confused over laksa and curry laksa.

Actually, depending on where you are .

In Penang,

laksa has two types ; one with coconut milk n one without.

Curry noodles; majority cooked with coconut milk n spices n u add the chilli sauce,
come with sotong, pig's blood , taufu n prawns n mint leaves.

The other come with chicken cook together with the curry.

In Ipoh,

I think there is only one type, rich curry soup n ingredients you order according to your choice , mostly meat.

Wet n dry types of curry

Laksa, soup mostly without coconut milk. Order liew seperately like fishballs etc


Laksa is actually curry mee.

I wonder if all the above description is correct.

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