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ipohan 25-12-2015 12:26 PM

Blogger wishes Merry Christmas with a heartwarming video

In trademark Firdaus style, he also succumbed to the urge to take one last shot at the political controversy showing very little sign of abating in Malaysia, and ended his Christmas message saying, “Enjoy your gifts but don’t expect Santa to bank in RM2.6 billion into your personal account this Christmas bcoz (sic) it has been established beyond any reasonable doubt that the Arab donor doesn’t exist. Thank you.”

PETALING JAYA: With candles flickering in the dark, three men huddle together as they play a medley of famous Christmas carols from the sombre ‘Silent Night’ to the light-hearted ‘Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer’ and finally the joyous ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas.’

A common sight? Not really. The three men are actually classical Muslim sufi and gazal artistes playing on their sitars and tabla.

In an age of rising Muslim-Christian tensions abroad and very much so in Malaysia as well, this 1.45 minute commercial by Tata Sky, a direct broadcast satellite television provider in India, strives to promote peace and goodwill among the citizens of the world and says: “Don’t lose faith in humanity just yet.”

The video was uploaded by Firdaus Abdullah, former political editor of the News Straits Times on his blogsite Apanama, with a Christmas greeting going out to an “overwhelming majority” of Malaysians, who he says, “love each other irrespective of race, religion or colour.”


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