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oriental express 25-12-2003 09:48 AM

i just wondering what is the music taste of majority Ipoh youngsters like?
Well, certainly i would like to talk about this topic.

ipohfella 26-12-2003 08:16 AM

I dunno if it's true, but everytime u go out on a Saturday nite, you will get to lsten loud music blasting from stereos of passing cars driven by Ipoh youths and you will get to listen to those "techno-boom-boom-boom" kind of music. (u know what I mean...dunno what u call it but people call it as shake head music). And in clubs, this is the kind of music you hear most of the time. I think IPoh youths are not exposed to a wider range of music besides that usual club tthingie. Personally, I luv R&B.ranging from Beyonce to Luther Vandross.how I wish we would hve a wider variety of music in ipoh.

CKH 26-12-2003 03:26 PM

I like any type of music as long as it's easy listening.

I dun like hard rock music... juz too noisy to me...

Beyonce's music is cool... I like her music too. but I love Mariah Carey's music... Eason Chan's music also not bad...

sky 26-12-2003 07:24 PM

we have to realize that when you come to compare the teenager...
they surely like to put out the techno song in the car..
coz that will make you all notice they have a big speaker in the car, some more some cheap gal will get attracted!!

then when its saturday nite...
most pub sure put the techno song coz then again a loud song will attract most ppl go in an see what is happenning.

and once they go in, the waitress will show them to a sit. on that time thou there is nothing happening in the pub the youngster will feel shame/shy if they straight went out of ther pub..

so that's y u will hear the techno song on saturday nite...

but deep inside of most of the youngster, i believe they like R&B more that techno....

sky... :D :D

oriental express 26-12-2003 10:17 PM

i totally agreed that people ( i mean youngsters) is very limit themselves for a wider range of music. All they know is those pop idol. Why don't try more variety of music like African beat, Celtic, or something from Bjork, Moby, Dj Yoda...they are really good musician produce damn good music. Or try something from the mainland of China, Norway, Falco from Germany, Eros Ramazotti from Italy. They are real good.
C'mon Ipoh fellows, be more exposed yourself. Beyonce is nothing but shaking her ass.

oriental express 26-12-2003 10:24 PM

and i would say "Techno Music" is for those who has no knowledge in music or have no music sense at all in themselves. Just check it out, what type of people are enjoying Techno Music in most of the Disco. I'm not trying to be rude but if you go down to Shuttle Eight, those who are enjoying that Techno shit is like an "Un Educated Barbarian". Don't mis-relate the techno with Estacy. People are taking more serious shit kind of drugs with Alternative music or even Heavy Metal. Check this Mutha Fucka of Marily Manson. He's kick ass, man! LMF from HK is a pretty new shit in Malaysia too. But still people can't accept them cos they sing in Four letter words. C'mon malaysian, don't you speak four letter words as well? F***ing it, don't pretend to be so Holy! Be real!

(Moderator's message: sorrie ysr, but better not use this word in this forum. Thanks.)

[ 27.12.2003, 12:42 PM: Message edited by: CKH ]

ipohfella 28-12-2003 02:51 PM

I don't mind pop idols which can be cool (pop is nonsense sometmes but it's infectious...like how I thought Dido was a so-so singer, until I get to listen to her single everyday in my car and heck, I can hum the lyrics and sing like with the song!). But techno???? My goodness, there are no lyrics, there are no meaning behind the rhythm, it lacks emotions, it's just goes on and on with those funny sounding music which I would never comprehend.

Moby still okay lah, Bjork??? I think she's too strange and constantly singing out of tune n Bjork isn't my forte.No thanx.

So, as a conclusion, Ipoh should have a variety of clubs, and I mean clubs which invite constant international DJ's/artistes to play here. We should also have R&B clubs,latin,rock clubs, etc.And good live bands who can sing and perform well are great.

What I mean is : when we feel like listening to R&B, we know which club to go to. When we want to really want to hear some acoustic guitar, we know which club has such music. When we want to listen to canto-pop or mando-pop, we know there are clubs spinning such genre. So, we will never get bored with the same old format of the same old tunes.

@ B3nG 04-01-2004 11:28 PM

what i think...hmmmm let me get a shot...
i think the ipohreans loves ALL the songs from the RADIO channels... if the songs which never came out from the radio.... they're not a hit in ipoh. If you get wat i mean... ipoh people RARELY get a random cd from a music store and try it out....

ipohfella 05-01-2004 01:52 PM

let's see.

i think the radio is the promotion box. I will never go and buy someone's cd if i dont know who the heck the guy or girl is and wwha kind of music they sing. CD's I'll never buy includes Cheeky Girls (Good Lord!), Bjork and the whole legions which sound like them.I think all CD stores should have a test section where you can get to listen to sample CD's before u buy them.And they also should feature lists of Billboard Countdown singles or whatever top ten contdown as well as albums and brochures and magazines to actually let listeners decide what to buy by reading these materials.

Not just the normal shop where u enter and the sales girl who gives you a stare and ask you 'Nak cari apa??'

and let's give ipoh youths a variety of music to enjoy and explore and let's have a vareity of clubs as well. And try bringing in performances and concerts for us, poor deprived ipoh lasses and lads.

lalachai 09-01-2004 09:20 PM

some songs which they never put over the radio are cool too..

the bands are like chem brothers, crystal method.. armand van helden...

jazz are cool too, nat king cole..Stacey Kent, Ella Fitzgerald...

hehhe cant live without music..


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