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fortune 20-08-2011 12:57 PM

Man looking for a good husband for wife
Chinese husband Liu Li, 39, tries to find new man for his wife & children

A husband crippled by a severe spine disease has placed an online advert in China for a new husband and father for his wife and children.

Liu Li, 39, has been diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, a form of arthritis that can fuse the back's vertebrae together.

Medics have told him that although the disease can be aided with drugs and painkillers, it cannot be reversed and the cost of the treatment is too high for Mr Li.

The former medical student from Shizhuang, Jiangsu province, eastern China has persuaded his wife Shi Zhihong, 37, to divorce him and find a new husband to take his place.

The advert, posted online in China, says: "Please, please help me find a good husband for my wife. I don't want to be a burden to her anymore.

"I'm a seriously ill person and my days when I will not be confined to a wheelchair are limited. But my wife is still quite young, she should have some good days, otherwise, I will not be at rest even when I die."

Mr Li hopes to be able to help chose the best applicant who will become stepfather to his son and daughter.

"I can't bear to see the hardship I am putting my family through. I can't work and what small money we have goes on my treatment.

"It breaks my heart to see my children turn down sweets because they think it will help me," he said.

"I have done my best but I am frail and they deserves better. It would ease my heart to see them settled," added Mr Li.

But the couple have one last chance of staying together after appealing to charity organisations for help with their medical bills.

"We are a good but poor family and we need some help," explained Mrs Zhihong. "I will still be his wife in this life and the afterlife."

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